Eggheads – Cult of The Big Green Egg

“Music has Deadheads. Football has Cheeseheads. And barbecue has Eggheads. You’ll know this last group by the egg-shaped green grills they’ll be standing next to, tongs in hand,looking to extol the virtues of the Big Green Egg. Their mantra goes something like this– It’s foolproof, fuel-efficient, and can cook anything from fish and steak to pizza and pie. You have to get one. Now.”

- Bon Appetit Magazine

I had only owned my Big Green Egg for less than two weeks — after enjoying cooking on it almost daily, and being amazed by the flavor of the food it produced, I decided to create this website. I was plugging the Egg to my friends and family, taking photos of my meals, and even began to develop my own recipes. I had always enjoyed barbecuing and loved my two kettle-style grills, but I suddenly I was obsessed with this new acquisition and was preparing as much food as I could eat — some of the best food I had prepared in my life.

I received my Egg as a Christmas gift, and had never heard of this odd product. A quick web search made clear that there was an amazingly strong community of fanatics, affectionately known as eggheads. They had online forums, personal websites, recipies, tips, photos, and even regional Egg-themed events. I was not the only fanatic snapping photos of my creations and preaching the gospel of the Egg to my friends and family.

I encourage you to go check out The Big Green Egg. You too may soon be an Egghead.

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