Big Green Egg

About The Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is an outdoor ceramic smoker, oven, and barbecue grill. Based on the ancient Asian kamado cooker, the Big Green Egg’s thick ceramic walls retain heat and moisture to produce results far superior to metal grills and smokers. There are other companies that manufacture kamado-style cookers, but non are as popular, or have as fanatical a customer base, as the Big Green Egg.

The Egg is the most versatile cooker available. It can be used to sear steaks at 800°F, bake brick oven-style pizza, or slowly smoke your favorite meats at 200°F. Its simple, 3000 year-old design has been perfected with the use of modern ceramic technologies. After experiencing a ceramic cooker and the food it produces, metal grills and smokers suddenly seem pale in comparison. The Egg is very easy to use and produces foods of exceptional flavor and texture.

These cookers are manufactured by The Big Green Egg, founded by Ed Fisher in 1974. The company is based in Atlanta, GA, but Big Green Egg production takes place in Mexico. They are available across the U.S. and Canada at authorized dealers specializing in lawn & garden, outdoor furniture, BBQ grills or hearth products.

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