Ceramic Cookers vs. Metal Grills

Metal Grill Ceramic Cooker
Function Grilling meats (i.e. burgers, hot dogs) BBQ Grill, smoker, & oven
Heat Retention low & uneven high & efficient
Heat Control less precise precice & steady
Moisture Retention poor, requires water pan excellent

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is probably the most well-known consumer smoker. It is very popular and has a relatively dedicated following. The Weber smoker is a capsule-shaped smoker with two-tiers of cooking space and an integrated water pan. It provides great temperature control and a reasonable price. For someone wishing to spend less than the relatively high price of a Big Green Egg, the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker is an excellent smoker for someone wishing to make smoked meats and real barbecue at home! The Smokey Mountain Cooker comes in two sizes:

New keg on the block: Bubba Keg Grill

The comparison above is for single-walled metal grills and smokers. However, I've recently become aware of a new product that while made of metal, is insulated to produce similar results to a ceramic cooker.

The Bubba Keg Grill is a less expensive Big Green Egg alternative. From the product description it sounds like an interesting new approach to kamado construction!

Hey Eggheads!

As an egghead, you appreciate a fine product. You deserve a buckwheat pillow:

Buckwheat Pillow