Anatomy of the Egg

diagram of components of egg: dual-function metal top, temperature gauge, grid, fire ring, grate, fire box, draft door

The Big Green Egg Sizes

There are 5 models of The Big Green Egg. For most people, I recommend the medium or large size. When deciding on an Egg, keep in mind that you can cook a little food on a large Egg, but you cannot cook a large amount of food on a small or mini Egg. Also, if you can afford it, don’t choose a smaller size simply because it is cheaper. It is very common for people to purchase a smaller Egg, only to decide they need to purchase a larger size within months of owning it. In fact, many Eggheads own 3 or 4 Eggs! Regarding fuel-efficiency, size does not have a major impact on charcoal consumption, and even the large Eggs can burn for hours with very little charcoal.

Four sizes of The Big Green Egg - mini, small, medium, and large

Big Green Egg Dimensions

model grill diameter height width weight turkey capacity
Extra Large 24" 27 ¼" 26 ½" 205 lbs. 20 lbs. x2
Large 18 ¼" 30" 21" 140 lbs. 15+ lbs.
Medium 15" 26" 18" 95 lbs. 12-15 lbs.
Small 13" 22" 16" 65 lbs. 10-12 lbs.
Mini 9.5" 15" 12" 30 lbs. n/a

The Purchase of a Big Green Egg Includes:

Hey Eggheads!

As an egghead, you appreciate a fine product. You deserve a buckwheat pillow:

Buckwheat Pillow