Why The Big Green Egg?

Best Flavor

Simply cooking over lump charcoal will impart flavors to all your food which cannot be beat. Weather you’re searing meats on the grill or baking a pizza, there is no question that cooking with pure charcoal produces delicious results.

Moisture Retention

The thick ceramic walls of the egg seal in moisture and leave your meats at their juciest. While most metal smokers require a pan of water to make up for lost moisture, foods can be cooked for hours upon hours in the egg without any additional water. Meats and other foods will not dry out or shrink thanks to the superior moisture retention quality of the Egg.

Precise & Even Heat

The simple vent controls at the top and bottom of the Egg allow for very precise temperature control. After using the Egg once or twice, with the help of the built-in thermometer, you will quickly learn how to control the temperature with an accuracy of only a few degrees. The egg shape, and thick ceramic walls maintain a very steady and even heat. Foods cooked on the egg do not need to be turned or rotated, as the heat distribution is very even within the Egg.

Safe & Easy to Use

The Egg couldn't be easier to use! Simply fill the firebox with lump charcoal (it’s nearly impossible to over-do it), and light it. Within 10 minutes your Egg should achieve any heat you desire. Simply open vents to raise the heat, and close them to lower the heat. The egg is also safe and comfortable to use – while the outside of the Egg does get warm, you can easily touch it while cooking without burning yourself.

Ultra efficient

The Big Green Egg is one of the most efficient cooking units available. A small pile of lump charcoal will burn all day thanks to the precise oxygen control of the Egg. It takes many cooking sessions to accumulate much ash, and you can often cook several meals without adding more charcoal to the firebox.

It’s a Grill, a Smoker, and an Oven!

Feel like smoking salmon fillets at a low temp? Searing steaks over direct heat? Barbecuing your favorite meats slow and low? How about brick oven pizza, or authentic-tasting Indian Nan bread? The Egg does it all! It grills better than a kettle-style grill, smokes better than water smokers, and baked goods from the Egg are unparalleled! Most Egg owners find they use their indoor kitchen much less and enjoy cooking much more.

Hey Eggheads!

As an egghead, you appreciate a fine product. You deserve a buckwheat pillow:

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