Eggheads – Cult of The Big Green Egg

“Music has Deadheads. Football has Cheeseheads. And barbecue has Eggheads. You’ll know this last group by the egg-shaped green grills they’ll be standing next to, tongs in hand,looking to extol the virtues of the Big Green Egg. Their mantra goes something like this… It’s foolproof, fuel-efficient, and can cook anything from fish and steak to pizza and pie. You have to get one. Now.”

— Bon Appetit Magazine

Eggheads on the Web

There are countless Eggheads sharing their stories online, here’s just a few:

Green Eggers
The original online community for the Big Green Egg.
Official Egghead Forum
You might call this online forum the Grand Central Station of Eggheads. Every day, many eggheads share their experiences, ask and answer Egg-related questions, and discuss anything and everything Egg.
The Naked Whiz
The Naked Whiz’s ceramic charcoal cooking page is quite possibly the most extensive and detailed personal Egg site on the web. Particularly impressive are the Whiz’s amazingly detailed reviews of lump charcoal and the gallery of custom tables Eggheads have designed and built for their beloved Eggs. For anyone interested in Eggin’, this site can’t be missed.
Wess B.
Wess B.'s Big Green Egg page has some great photos of his cooks, as well as a fantastic “Tiki Bar” complete with three built in Eggs! Wess is also a regular participant on the Club Egg forum mentioned above.

Other Eggheads

Are You an Egghead?

I’d love to hear from other Eggers out there. If you’ve got a website or a link related to BBQ or The Big Green Egg, send me a link, and maybe we can add it to the site!

Hey Eggheads!

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